Our Philosophy

Our approach and philosophy for a multi brand agency is unique and original which has gained us a tremendous amount of PR in the trade press since we formed in May 1999. Our philosophy is a ‘million miles away’ from the old agency approach, which is to pick up a phone, ring a contact, make an appointment, sell a collection, and relax between seasons – job done!

With each brand that we represent they must share our conviction, hunger and desire to build a brand, and not just ‘sell a collection’ twice a year. There is a huge difference. To build a brand you must not just be selling a collection, but the very ethos of a brand, the image and of course the concept.

That is why the starting point is so very important – the showrooms. At F.O.S we have invested a large amount of money to portray a high profile image, very much in keeping with the brands we represent. It is so important to build a visual image. We look for each brand to invest also, to create its own unique environment. As is often the case in retail as well, too many agencies and brands underestimate the power of this type of marketing i.e. creating the right environment.

Power comes from a synergy across various areas of marketing – merchandising, advertising, corporate identity, packaging and so on. Each showroom must create the right atmosphere for each brand, the furniture and fittings must relate to the product as well as to the way in which it is displayed. In this respect the criteria of the agent/brand in relation to the retailer is exactly the same as the retailer’s criteria in relation to the consumer.

At F.O.S we believe it is between seasons and not during seasons that the real hard work is done. During the season we are writing orders and selling collections. Between seasons we are building the brand.

To conclude, at F.O.S our philosophy is to sell a concept, to sell an image and not just to sell a collection. Our philosophy is to build firm foundations, to build ‘retail partners’ and not just to sell to all. Our philosophy is to grow a business, to grow a brand and not just to chase turnover. We believe in hard work (you only get out of a business what you put in), we believe in working in an ethical way and we believe in having fun and enjoyment at the work place!

S/S '20 Selling Dates


Tues 16th July to Fri 23rd Aug

Frieda & Freddies

Tues 16th July to Fri 23rd Aug

Javier Simorra

Tues 16th July to Fri 23rd Aug

Joyce & Girls

Tues 16th July to Fri 23rd Aug


Tues 16th July to Wed 21st Aug

Milano Italy

Tues 16th July to Fri 23rd Aug


Tues 16th July to Fri 23rd Aug


Fri 19th July to Fri 23rd Aug